APAM 2016: Digital Signage

As part of my role as APAM Marketing Assistant, I created the digital signage which was displayed across the APAM 2016 Venues, these include Brisbane Powerhouse, Sofitel Brisbane Central, QPAC and Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts. A combination of programming and informational signage was displayed at all venues.

Below are examples of the signage I created, which was on display for the duration of the week-long event.


Above: Jumbo-tron programming signage at Brisbane Powerhouse.


Above: Jumbo-tron programming signage at Brisbane Powerhouse.


Above: Informational signage at QPAC.


Above: Jumbo-tron programming signage at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Digital Signage for APAM 2016

Above: Programming signage at Sofitel Brisbane Central.

N.B. All images used within the signage are property and copy-write of APAM 2016 and the photographers who submitted their images. I do not own any images, logos or designs contained within the images.


What is APAM 2016?

“The Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) is Australia’s leading, internationally focused industry event for contemporary performing arts.” It seeks to provide a platform for buyers and sellers of the Arts to come together in way that promotes and celebrates the Arts in Australia and Internationally.

I was brought into the APAM team in the final stages of the event, as a volunteer to assist the APAM Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Manager.

Below is the official website for APAM 2016: