Gary O’Donnell on SportsDay

OFFENSIVE STRATEGY COACH Gary O’Donnell says that the return of some key players will help other players on the team who’ve had to step up in their absence.

O’Donnell who spoke with the team at SportsDay, admitted that injury has been the Club’s biggest enemy so far, with 19 players benched.

“Our troubles started before the season when we lost Pearce Hanley, who is probably one our most valued players,” he said.

Hanley returned to the field in round 10 against the GWS Giants, after recovering from a double hip operation.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom for the Club, with the three recruits- Dayne Beams, Allen Christensen and Mitch Robinson- all stepping up to greatly contribute to the team.

Beams and Christensen took a while to settle in, but have since made Brisbane their home and excelled on field.

Mitch Robinson has become an asset to the team brining, “intensity, fire and enthusiasm to the group, and has been a handy player to have around.”

O’Donnell said it was pleasing to see Martin continue to deliver on his successful form on the back half of last season.

“Stef Martin has come from no where, he’s been playing great footy and he really makes the other ruck-men work on the field.

“Martin is showing that all ruck-men can be different, but still have a valuable contribution to the team,” O’Donnell said.

The amount of injuries has given the younger players such as Harris Andrews and Josh Clayton, the opportunity to shine on field, proving their future potential at the Club.

O’Donnell says the team has remained resilient and positive through the setbacks, however they still have some things to work on, and hopefully we’ll start to see these pay off over the remainder of the season.


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