End Year Awards Night Script: Match Summaries

At the end of each season the Brisbane Lions Club host their Awards Night to celebrate the achievements of the players from the season. In order to celebrate, the whole season is recapped though an audio visual presentation. 

Below is the transcript for the presentation which will be read by a renowned TV sports commentator.


Round 1: Collingwood Magpies

“Round one began with a roar as the Lions pushed Collingwood to their limits, booting the last seven goals of the game.

Dayne Beams’ shined in his first game against his old team, leading the way with 33 disposals.

Josh Green, Allen Christensen and Daniel Rich each kicked two goals, closing the final gap to be a 12 point difference.”


Round 2: North Melbourne Kangaroos

“Round two may have headed south, with the Lions suffering a defeat to North Melbourne Roos, however the Lions had pressure on the Roos from the start, kicking three out of first four goals.

Jed Adcock was a standout of the night kicking two goals with 16 possessions while Jack Redden shined with 28 possessions. Mitch Robinson and Stefan Martin both stood out, giving the Roos something to worry about.”


Round 3: Richmond Tigers

“Round three saw the battle of the big cats, with the Lions going down to the Richmond Tigers at the Gabba by a margin of 79 points.

Dayne Zorko dominated with 27 disposals and two goals, while Dayne Beams continued to shine with 35 possessions.

Harris Andrews had a cracker of a debut proving to be a commendable force on the field, kicking his first goal of the season, momentarily stumping the Tigers.”


Round 4: West Coast Eagles

“Round four saw the Eagles soar to victory over the Lions, with a 53 point win.

The Lions did their best to hold the Eagles off, but just couldn’t hold on.

Tom Cutler finished as one of the Lion’s best for the game, registering a staggering 32 disposals, making it a career-high for Cutler. Both Josh Green and Daniel Rich played well, coming out strong to each kick two goals.”


Round 5: Gold Coast Suns

“Round five was a disappointing loss for the Lions, going down to the Gold Coast Suns by 64 points.

The Lions started out strong finishing the first quarter with level scores, however as paced slowed, the Suns began to pull away.

Dayne Beams held the team together kicking two goals with 31 possessions. Dayne Zorko also did his bit for the scoreboard, booting two goals while Jack Redden had 33 disposals.”


Round 6: Carlton Blues

“The Lions finally got their roar back in round six with their first victory, defeating the Carlton Blues by a close margin of nine points, in Melbourne.

Daniel McStay and Josh Green both had a cracker of a game kicking 7 goals between them, forcing the Blues to reassess their defence.

The team was united and held strong, as the Blues tried desperately to get ahead, but to no avail, with Dayne Beams and Jack Redden dominating on field with 29 and 23 disposals, respectively.

The final result of was one of sheer relief and joy, showing that their weeks of hard work had finally paid off with spectacular results.”


Round 7: Port Adelaide

“The boys were on a roll in round seven, thumping Port Adelaide 102 points to 65.

The game was the second win of the season, and Lions had pressure of Port the whole game, with Josh Green and Mitch Robinson each kicking three goals each, and Allen Christensen booting two more.

Dayne Beams had a staggering game with 32 possessions, while Lewis Taylor and Stef Martin both made their mark on the game with 28 and 24 disposals respectively.

The win was a sweet victory for the boys in front of a home crowd of almost 16,000 fans.”


Round 8: Essendon Bombers

“Lions looked set to pounce with Lewis Taylor kicking the first goal of the game in the first opening minutes.

However the Bombers were determined to keep up with the first half becoming a tit-for-tat game. The Bombers screeched ahead to secure a win over the Lions resulting in a 58 point lead.

Tom Rockliff lead by example with 27 possessions while Marco Paparone held his own with 22 disposals.

Josh Green and Ryan Lester had a ripper of a game booting five goals between themselves, while Liam Dawson celebrated his debut kicking his first goal in the competition.”


Round 9: St Kilda

“Round 9 saw the Saints crawl in, with the Lions heavily dominating the first quarter, however at the end of the day, the Saints marched out with a 22-point victory.

Overcome by more injuries, the Lions did their best to hold off the advancing side. Ryan Lester continued his on field success booting 4 goals, followed by Daniel Rich who booted 2 more.

Stefan Martin was a standout with 25 disposals, 31 hit-outs and 7 clearances.

Dayne Beams and Lewis Taylor also had a great game with 38 and 32 disposals, respectively.”


Round 10: GWS Giants

“Despite starting out strong the Lions were unable to hold off the might of the GWS Giants who stomped over us, finishing with a 30 point lead.

With a depleted list the Lions showcased some new faces in side, doing their best to hold up in the face of adversity.

Rohan Berwick and Dayne Beams held the scoreboard up kicking three goals each, with Dayne Zorko booting another two more.

Lewis Taylor and Allen Christensen both tried to hold the Giants off with 31 possessions each, making them standouts on the field.”


Round 11: BYE


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