VERO Coaches Preview Round 9: Murray Davis

ASSISTANT COACH Murray Davis says the Lions will be playing the way they want to play on Sunday against St Kilda and won’t be pulled into the thrash of the game.

“Our key focus for the game is playing the way we want to play. There are some controllables like controlling the tempo of the game, and there are certain things within that, that we need to do to put that in place for our game.”

While they remain confident, Davies says they won’t be intimidated by St Kilda, “obviously you have to respect the way St Kilda play and combat that as well, but it is more probably about what we need to do.”

Davies says that St Kilda has a few players who are playing really good footy and we’ll have the opportunity to have a close look at them on Saturday.

“There’s Montagna, Armitage who is playing really good footy and Stevens is the other good one as well, so it’ll be a pretty good match up in the midfield,” he said.

Davies says they have been focusing on the lessons they learnt from last weekends match against Essedon, and will hopefully be able to put them into play this weekend.

“Our ability to lock the ball in our forward half, is definitely something we’ve been working on as we weren’t able to do that against Essendon.

“Hopefully we’ll have some time in the forward half and turning the ball over in our forward half, so that we’ll be able to lock it in there and create some forward pressure goals.”


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