An Afternoon of Recognition for Gold and Silver Members

The Brisbane Lions celebrated and thanked its most loyal supporters on Sunday; the Gold and Silver Members, ahead of the boys win over Port Adelaide.

In excess of 350 Members attended the afternoon, ahead of the game.

The event was a chance to thank the members, some of which have held membership and supported the Club for more than 10 years.

The event was hosted by Board Member Andrew Wellington and assisted by General Manager of Consumer Engagement & Strategy, Pete McLennan.

Players Pearce Hanley, Cian Hanley, Sam Mayes and Michael Close were all in attendance, providing a unique insight into the game after being interviewed by Andrew Wellington.

Pearce and Cian Hanley triggered a few laughs after revealing how they divided up the household chores.

The Hanley brothers weren’t the only ones laughing, with three lucky members walking away with great prizes after winning the raffle.

The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all and made even sweeter by the boy’s cracking win over Port Adelaide.

Thank you to all our loyal Gold and Silver Members, and those that could make it on the day.

For the Membership Team


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