“Take the challenge on and meet it”

COACH Justin Leppitsch is confident that the Lion’s win over Carlton last week, has given the boys some confidence going into this weekend’s clash against Port Adelaide, at the Gabba on Sunday.

Leppitsch said that, “the mood’s always been good internally,” and that the team’s start to the season has been like a batsman waiting to get away for his first run.

“We can all play the game well, it’s just that the moves sometimes don’t bring out the best in us, and that’s what’s been happening, but we can put that behind us now, and play with a bit more freedom,” he said.

“Port Adelaide are a brilliant team, it’s a massive challenge for us, but we’ve built up a bit of confidence, which is good.

“We are looking forward, and have got a bit of confidence within the group, so we can attack it…”

Leppitsch has been very impressed with his players this week, with Harris Andrews showing his potential to be a long-term defender with the Club, while Matthew Leuenberger did a great job demonstrating his contribution to the team.

“I though Leuenberger was terrific, he only had four possessions, but his ability to play his role and draw the ball, allowed Josh Green to do his work, and straighten us up offensively to give us a target.

“He was in dozens of contests, he didn’t mark all the balls, for some he was a meter away, but that’ll come over the weeks. His ability to play his role is terrific.

“Leuenberger’s been very good, he’s trained hard and is very diligent. He’s come back in and played well, that’s what we want from all our players,” he said.

When asked about how the Lion’s would handle Port Adelaide’s two standout ruck-men, Matthew Lobbe and Patty Ryder, Leppitsch said, “you have got to take the challenge on and meet it.”

“I know our best footy is pretty good, I think that’s what happened last week, when we saw our new players playing the natural game.

“I think our best footy is when we’re competitive and we keep the opposition’s scores low, and if we can do those two things we give ourselves a chance.”

Press Conference 14 May 2015


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