#Throwback Thursday: Queen comes to town

The world has been enraptured with the birth of Britain’s new little Princess Charlotte, with Prince Harry celebrating the birth of his niece at the AFL in Perth.

It may come as a surprise then to hear that the Monarchy’s association with the AFL, goes back nearly 50 years.

On Sunday 5th April 1970, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, all attended the Fitzroy/ Richmond game.

The game was truly a royal affair, as players scrubbed up and changed into new jerseys at half time to greet the Queen.

Princess Anne (who barracked for the Lions) thoroughly enjoyed the game, apparently asking Tiger Billy Barrett repeatedly, if she would see any punch-ups.

Although not everyone was so impressed, with a few players arguing that the occasion was a distraction.

Tiger’s captain Roger Dean was a little put out by the whole affair, as he had change out of his lucky jumper to greet the Queen.

His new, clean jumper definitely wasn’t lucky, as Fitzroy upset the 1969 Premiers with a final score of 166 to 96.

The game was the first ever VFL Sunday game, and is remembered as a classic moment in Fitzroy’s history.

#Throwback Thursday


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