Bones of Steel

COACH Justin Leppitsch says the Lions’ slow start to the season will not deter the team from their clash against Carlton this weekend in Melbourne.

“I just see a different steel in the group now, and that’s good. That’s what happens when the group is challenged, and talked about from different sources.

“It can do two things, it can give you that much despair you stop trying, or it can galvanise the group. I’ve seen some good signs, but we’ll find out this week.”

Although the game against Carlton is looking promising, Leppitsch says that you can’t exploit this, and that the team is still putting in the hard work.

“You respect every opposition, every team. You look at the ladder every year and give yourself a reason why can you win every game, so you talk your team up and what we can do to beat them and hope the result goes your way.

“We all want to win, and that’s really it. The issues haven’t changed from last week,” he said.

“We’re still a younger list than we were last year, less experienced than we were last year, yet we are expecting a little bit more of our group.

“We have a young developing group that still need a lot of care and support, and things like the weekend solidify that fact, and that we still have a lot of development to do.”

Leppitsch says that the Club as a whole is fine, and that they know what their markers are, and what it takes to be a good team.

“We’ve got all the markers of where we should be and when we should be there. It’s just a matter of us being patient, it’s a patient job for an impatient man.

“I’m impatient; I want things to happen tomorrow like our fans, like our players. But you can’t throw a 25 year old body and mind on a 20 year old boy, you just have to realise that and make sure we coach the boys well,” he said.

“The only way to create a good team is to fix every action, every behaviour, one by one, and that’s all you can do. You just have to start chipping away, and that’s how we get our results.

“Get a win, get a bit of confidence and that builds a bit of belief in the group, that this is the way to go.”


Press Conference 7 May 2015


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