Press Conference: Justin Leppitsch

SENIOR COACH Justin Leppitsch says the Lions must go back to basics as they prepare to take on Richmond at the Gabba on Saturday night.

“We’re still focusing on consistency, what we do works.

“A lot of things we do a lot of, other teams are doing as well, they’re just doing it a little bit better,” he said.

“The last two games have been a good realisation for our boys that we are still young and still have some development to do.

“We’ve got to help each other, work with each other and just to play our best footy. We have to be a really good team, as opposed to a bunch of really good individuals.”

When asked about captain Tom Rockliff’s return, Leppitsch said the captain is not far away.

Rockliff broke three ribs and punctured his lung in the round one loss to Collingwood, a fortnight ago.

“He’s put his name on the board all week, everyday he’s telling me he’s ready to play. Everyone else is holding him back, so that’s good, that’s what you want.

“At the moment it’s the pain issue. His lung has to heal, so that’s the only think stopping him at this point in time.”

Press Conference 16 April 2015


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